Okay, first things first: baby active spirit is due in May.

Above: 10 weeks
Below: 18 weeks

It is wild how quickly these little nuggets grow, and frankly speaking, it is creepy how alien-like they look in those early stages.

A few things to note:

  • This was not my timing, but I suppose God wanted me to get on His timeline so here we are.
  • The gender reveal will happen when I give birth and not a moment sooner.
  • I refuse to have a baby shower: none of that frou frou awww-inducing nonsense.

As much as I enjoy blogging my life in this space, I have hardly documented this maternity journey of mine, but honestly, there has not been much to share. I bought a full body pillow in hopes of a better sleeping experience at night. I picked up exactly two pairs of maternity jeans. I (annoyingly) went up a bra size. My nipples hurt like crazy when even the slightest chill crosses my path. Everything smells horrible, and nothing tastes as good as it did when I was getting a period every month. Other than that, it is business as usual over here.


As for the rest of the month...

I enjoyed every bit of those last days of fall.

I rediscovered the deliciousness that is Grindhouse Burger.

J and I had a super chill date night seeing A Christmas Carol performed by a majority black cast.

My co-workers and I had a delicious holiday brunch at Another Broken Egg.

I checked out some Christmas lights around town.

I watched more Christmas movies than I can recall.

I even forced Raven to get into the Christmas spirit.