Above: my shiny, new Peace Lily, about a month after I got it, blooming in all it's glory.

Below: what's left of it (I'm embarrassed to even post this picture).

I am a terrible plant parent, but I am unsure how or why. I tried watering it more often; I tried watering it less often. I moved it to a different corner, and then another corner. I turned it once a week. I added fresh soil. I broke up the soil in case it was suffocating, yet and still, I have failed my sweet, sweet Peace Lily.

Maybe I'll try again next year with a different, less finicky plant (although, I thought the Peace Lily was supposed to be fairly low maintenance, so I'm not sure what else I could comfortably manage). 

For now a Christmas tree will take it's place. At least I only have to worry about keeping that fresh for a month.