A whole month has passed since my last update, and the only thing new around these parts is this plant - this single, lonely houseplant. 

J and I went to Home Depot about a month ago for the sole purpose of finding some plants for the house. Plants as in plural. We found a bunch and somehow walked away from the register having spent $193. That total included firewood and a couple other small knick-knacks for the house, but the bulk of the purchase was devoted to plants, and planters, and soil, and other things I didn't even know you needed in order to properly care for the plants. 

So we get home, start setting everything in their supposedly proper places, and it just doesn't feel... right. After three trips back to Home Depot, almost everything was returned (and credited back to the account), except for the planter shown in that first photo and the firewood/knick-knacks. Oh, and that actual plant? It's one I came across at Wal-Mart last week that happened to look 10 times better than all the larger plants I had ever seen at Home Depot. It also only cost $13 and even had a nice little white bud in the center. 

This one for sure feels like it belongs. It might not stay in that corner, but I've already repotted it, so I'm definitely not taking it back. Let us pray I keep it alive.

In other news, there is no other news. February has been a slow one. Valentine's Day was spent at work and then lounging on the couch in the evening. I wasn't feeling well, so our dinner reservations hopefully went to some other deserving couple. 

I know most everyone is already anticipating spring, but I'll be content with a few more weeks of "let's burn a fire tonight" weather.


  1. omg, how did you feel about repotting your plant? I have yet to repot any of my plants and know I need to do it but... This might sound crazy but I'm not a big fan of dirt. I love plants just not the dirt part lol. I don't like to touch it, get it under my nails, etc. My plants have been doing ok so far but I know I'm going to need to repot them soon. Also, I really believe that plants have personalities/energies and "call" to you so I think it's a good thing that you returned the ones that didn't resonate with you. Love the plant you found at Wal-Mart :)

    1. I don't mind the dirt part. The soil we bought was super fresh and didn't smell "dirty," if that makes any sense haha. Didn't really have to touch it though. I just cut through the plastic "pot" it came in, plopped it in the new planter, and poured the soil straight from the bag all round the base. It wasn't as messy as I thought it'd be.

      And yes, check out your local wal-mart if you're in the market for a new one. You might be surprised like I was.


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