I was going through recent photos on my phone and realized there's a theme happening as of late: green.

I doubt "deep leafy green" is an official pantone color, but if it were, it'd be mine for the year. I've been eating all my vegetables like a good adult lately, and not because I'm supposed to eat them; I actually crave them lately (not as much as I crave tacos, or those fries I posted about, but still... the cravings are there)! When did veggies start tasting so good?! They take so much time to chop, rinse, season, and saute, but darnit they're worth it - especially when thrown together in a homemade rice bowl. I even bought a bag of kale last week, for the first time ever. Toss them in some olive oil and minced garlic over heat and they're actually not as bad as I imagined. Dare I say it: they're even a little bit appetizing.

I spent much of Saturday afternoon looking for sesame seeds (they were too expensive at Whole Foods, Trader Joes doesn't sell them, but I finally found them reasonably priced at Sprouts) and hunting for the perfect plants to liven up the living room. The goal is to have some lush greenery all around our home, but I'm starting with the living room. I'll even settle for a fake plant in some areas if I have to.

The other night I was wandering around my local At Home store, and I texted the last photo above to J asking "is this worth $50?" He vetoed it, so unfortunately it didn't come home with me. I will have at least one plant in at least one corner come Monday morning though.

Also, the super warm weather here in Atlanta lately has me itching to get the backyard together. We don't know the first thing about buying turf or laying grass seeds, but I'm determined to have it a lush and green back there in a few months. Green, green, green...

I've been drinking lots of green tea lately too.

Just call me the wicked witch of the west from now on.