Zinburger has three things that caught my interest:

  1. It's branded as a "wine and burger bar." Anyone who's used to having burgers and beers knows it's hard to find a place that naturally pairs burgers with wine, but lo and behold, Zinburger is trying to change the game.
  2. The drink menu listed a jalapeño margarita, and I've been on the hunt for a good one around Atlanta ever since I tried one on vacation this past summer. It was the most amazing margarita I'd ever had. Ever.
  3. The food menu listed a "Nitro Burger," which sounded like the kind of hot fire flavor I've been looking for.

I had a quiet Friday night dinner at home alllll planned out, but plans quickly change when you're trying to satisfy a craving. 

Unfortunately, the jalapeño margarita didn't quite meet my expectations - too much sweet and not enough spice. The burger, which I got wrapped in lettuce instead of on a traditional bun, was good, but again, not hot enough. I'm trying to match the flavor profile of Umami's Diablo Sauce. I briefly blogged about it here (three whole years ago!!), and haven't had a burger as deliciously spicy since then.

The hunt continues...

Still, I'd come back to Zinburger again if I was in the area, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get here.

Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar
Lenox Square
3393 Peachtree Rd NE #3065A
Atlanta, GA 30326