If there's one, single thing that stood out in Cuba, it was the culture.

Everything from the art, to the music, to art of cigar rolling, to the restaurants, drinks and coffee (don't even get me started on the Cuban coffee - the first time I had regular American coffee again, I looked to J and said this tastes like water) ... it all made me feel like I was in another world, in another time.

We had locals tell us their stories, welcome us into their homes, share their sentiments on our president (past and present) and just chat about their lives like they knew us personally. Much like in America, the citizens of Cuba do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of their local government.

We missed our chance at a proper cigar rolling tour since we got there too late on Friday afternoon and the place wasn't open on the weekends. Thankfully we got to see a gentleman in action, in a back room at the fortress Castillo de San Carlos.

All in all, the single reason I'd recommend anyone visit Cuba (specifically Havana, since we didn't have time to explore other parts of the island) is for the unique character in every building, on every corner and within every native citizen.

I've got one last post coming, and then my Cuba recap will be complete.