This month was a busy one, full of game nights, day trips, vacations, theatrical productions and other fun stuff. 
1. Chalktoberfest - I blogged about this event last year, and this year was just as good. Artists from all over the world, including Mexico, Italy, Australia, and some Atlanta natives came out to their own little section of the Marietta Square and crafted their masterpieces using nothing but chalk.
2. The Big Chicken KFC is easily the nicest KFC I've ever visited.

3. An afternoon in Tampa
4. An afternoon at the theater

5. Raven does this thing lately where she just stares, for no reason at all. She has food and water in her bowl, she's been outside to do her business, she's gotten more than enough belly rubs, but despite all this, she just... STARES

6. JCT Kitchen
7. First Watch (Tampa, FL)

I have a journal where I keep a bunch of random thoughts and logs of what happened on any given day/month/week, and the one thing I always make note of is my foodie cravings. They vary drastically from one season to the next, and I blame the cocktail of hormones God gave me. Most recently I've been craving omelettes and fried chicken (not together, but now that I'm writing it out it probably wouldn't be too terrible of a meal). If my everyday cravings are this random, I can only imagine what they'll be like when i'm with child - Lord, help us all.

*November desktop wallpaper here*