I've had rolled ice cream on my foodie to-try list for a few months now. This weekend, I made it happen.

May I present... the process, in succession, in photos:

Step one: pick your mixture. I went for Nada Moo vegan ice cream, in a cup, with s'mores mixed in. They get infinite cool points for actually toasting the marshmallow.

Step two: mix it up

Step three: lay it out and drizzle it up.

Step four: roll it up, roll it up

Step five: put it in a cup!

Et voila.
Yes, it lived up to the hype.
No, it wasn't cheap (for ice cream) ($7).
Yes, it was worth it.
No I wouldn't go out of my way to have it, especially when I can grab my favorite so delicious variety from the grocery store in my neighborhood.
But yes, I'll be back.

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