I'm playing around with a new series here that's all about the recipes I've tried and modified and how they turned out, but I need to remember to snap a photo of the finished product before digging into my meal. I've included a list at the bottom of this post of meals that will likely get their own feature here in the near future, because I love sharing a good recipe.

Today, however, I just sharing a few food pictures in my phone. The greens theme continues, for the most part.

The first two photos (above) are from a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that's right in my neighborhood. I put the address into google maps, and it wouldn't even give me driving directions; all it said was "six minute walk." LET ME TELL YOU. God knew what he was doing when he led us to this neighborhood, because I now have three different authentic Mexican food options all within a one mile radius of my front door. Three! ¡Trés! 

I was a fool not to have tried this place sooner. The fajitas were cooked to perfection, and the drink specials? There are no words. It's too good to share with the internet, so I won't even be doing a proper blog post on it.

Earlier this week some co-workers and I tried the new Poké spot in town: Bowl Lab.

Thankfully we got there early, because the line was all the way out the door by the time we left, and it was well worth the wait. 

I got spring mix as my base and loaded it with herb chicken, spicy tuna, kale, avocado, green peppers, green onions, edamame, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, Korean Aoli and a Tropical Habanero sauce. I was in lunchtime heaven. (proper post coming soon for this one ;))

And last, may I present my new obsession: Cauliflower Pizza Crust.

I tried the Trader Joe's version last month and it was sold out when I went to buy more, so I searched Youtube for some recipes and think I'm well on my way to mastering the technique. 

The dough is versatile enough to be used for other things (I have homemade empanadas in mind), but I'm just happy to finally be able to eat pizza without that sluggishly crappy feeling afterward.

Other successful recipes I've tried and modified lately that are not pictured:

  • Vegan Adobo Kale Parmesan Mac n' Cheese - Came out great and is absolutely delicious, from Hot for Food.
  • Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups - Made with 100% cacao. I add stevia for sweetness, and these also came out great, from The Domestic Geek.
  • Jenny Jones Meatloaf Recipe - This was made on one of those days when I just did not feel like cooking but the meat was already thawed and ready. J got in the kitchen and had me walk him through the steps/ingredients. It came out so good! We're having it again for dinner tonight. From Jenny Can Cook (if anyone used to watch The Jenny Jones Show back in the day, this is the same woman. Her Youtube Channel is pure gold)
  • Korean Beef Bowls - previously mentioned
  • Kale Spinach Salad with Tahini Lemon dressing - I know making a salad doesn't count as cooking, but it's quick, easy and surprisingly filling once you add all the fixings.

Fails (because every attempt can't possibly be a hit):

  • Chocolate Mug Cake - I had to find another use for the cacao powder after making the Almond Butter Cups, and I didn't add nearly enough sweetener to this one. It was like eating an unsweetened chocolate dinner roll.
  • Cauliflower Rice - Again, I had extra cauliflower to use from the Pizza Crust. The recipe called for soy sauce, but I had run out. I also went to heavy on the ginger. 
  • Salmon patties - These were decently edible, but I'm sure they would've tasted way better with fresh salmon, rather than frozen.