Ok, where do I begin...

Last time I posted about Halo Top, I mentioned how the texture was terrible and the flavor was weak. It left a bad taste in my mouth - pun intended - and I was ready to write it off completely until I tried mixing it into my smoothie. I found a way to make it work, but for a $5 pint of ice cream, I shouldn't have to find a way to make it work. It should just work, straight from the container.

Still, more and more people continue to rave about it. My bad review was really the only one I could find, which made me think maybe I needed to try another flavor. 

So, I tried two.

*Oatmeal Cookie and Peanut Butter Cup*

Also, I took the time to read the back of the container, and to my surprise, I had gone about it all wrong the first time!

Apparently, you're supposed to let it thaw for a bit before you dig in. 

I prefer my ice cream softer and creamier anyway. I've even been known to throw a pint in the microwave for a few seconds if I'm feeling impatient. That being said, I don't know what made me rush for some firm spoonfuls last time, but this time? THIS TIME. I followed the instructions... and proceeded to eat my words.

And now I finally know what actual magic tastes like.

The oatmeal cookie somehow manages to taste like an actual oatmeal cookie - there are even little grains of oats mixed in. The peanut butter cup doesn't actually taste like a Reese's filling, but it's still good, and there are swirls of peanut butter mixed in for authenticity.

I get it. I finally get the hype, and I'm here, drafting this post at my computer wishing I had a pint in front of me, joining the Halo Top movement.

You should join us.