I found this after the fire today. This is what I was feeling after I saw this.

No matter how people try to destroy the word of God or what God has for your it can never be done. They may get the edges but never the heart of what God has for you. So stand strong in your faith and remember through Him we can do it all.

Photo of the fire here. 
J sent this to me while he was at work last week. They were putting out an apartment fire, and it got pretty bad before they were finally able to extinguish all the flames. Most everything was charred to a crisp, but as they were wrapping things up, he came across this Bible that was fully intact; it was burned around the edges, but not a single page was missing. The words above are the thoughts that came to him, which he shared with me, which (with his consent) I'm sharing here. 

Happy Monday :)