Jojo's concert here in Atlanta was this past Saturday, and I'm just too little too late for this post (get it? GET IT?!). 

Like a slacker fan, it's taken me five whole days to post some photos. Because did I really even go if I don't post the photos?

I missed the chance to see her live last year, when she came to The Tabernacle - one of my favorite venues in the city. I couldn't find anyone to go with me. But this time I bought two tickets far in advanced and decided to drag the Mr along, whether he knew who she was or not (newsflash: he didn't). A few weeks later, a girlfriend of mine decided to come too, and J basically ended up being the third wheel to our girls date. 

It was wonderful.

One of the best parts of any concert, for me, is the opening act. There are times when I'm not interested and only care about the headliner, but lately I've been all about discovering smaller artists, and paying attention to the opening act is a really good way to do that. 

I had never heard of Stanaj, but it's always nice to hear a little blue-eyed soul, and he did a great job!

I looked him up and followed him on Soundcloud that same night. Boy can sang.

Jojo's set was well put together as a whole. She wore a sparkly fishnet bodysuit and a pair of vans, and she wore it well. Her band sounded amazing, her backup singers' voices were angelic perfection, and she didn't miss a single note all night. I also appreciate the intimacy of smaller venues like Buckhead Theater, because I can sit further back and enjoy the show without feeling so far away. 

I hadn't listened to her latest album, Mad Love, before the concert. Sometimes the best way to hear new songs for the first time (for me) is to hear them live. She sang some of her classics, too. When the hook for "Get Out" started, J leaned in and said this is her song? 

Yes, dear. Girl's got hits.