So here's the thing about watches. I don't like them.

I love they way they look displayed on shelves, on other people, and in my jewelry box, but when I put them on my actual wrist, those gushy feelings don't translate. It may be more related to the fact that I just don't like the way any kind of accessories look on my wrist, since even the Apple Watch didn't appeal to me. The only time I ever wear a watch these days is when I have some important meeting/interview/presentation/etc and I want to cover my wrist tattoo in hopes of looking as professional and put-together as possible. Even then, I take off the watch as soon as the meeting is over.

It's strange. Watches have been such an important wardrobe staple for so many years, and even as the big tech companies release fancier high-tech versions, the classic timepiece proves to be timeless. The best ones do nothing but tell you what time of day it is, and that kind of simplicity will never go out of style. They're just not my style.

So when Jord reached out to me for a collaboration and giveaway, I was all set to decline (as i've done in the past with other brands before them), but I clicked on the link to their website out of curiosity.

*Cue ooooo's and ahhhhh's* (and/or jump to the bottom for the giveaway details)

I was thoroughly and pleasantly surprised by the unique quality of their selection. These watches aren't like simple chic DW or Cluse watches flooding the social space right now, and unlike those, I can't find similar styles of Jord watches for wayyyyy less at common boutiques in the mall

I've seen timepieces made of wood before, but the detailing in these babies legit made me stop and call the Mister over to the computer.

I had been looking at the women's watch selection, but there was no point in me trying to pretend I'm suddenly about to wear a watch every day (gotta keep it real, ya' know?), so I clicked over the the men's collection instead. 

I believe J's response was something like damn, these are niiiiiice.

Nice indeed. 

Coming from J, nice is a solid complement. He's hard to impress, so it honestly doesn't get much better than nice, especially a drawn out niiiiice. So I replied to the team at Jord asking if they'd still be willing to collaborate with a male model featured in the post, and I use the word 'model' loosely since J didn't even want his face in the photos, but baby steps... baby steps.

After taking some time to wear it and get a feel for it, he honestly loves it. Those are his words - not mine. I've transcribed his review below:

Me: Hey, i'm writing the post on the watch, what do you think of it?
Him: Uhhh, honestly? I love it.
Me: (eyes widen) Really?
Him: Yeah, I really love the watch.
Me: What do you love about it?
Him: I love the skeleton style, which means you can see the inside gears when you look at the time. It's a unique watch, but it's still something that will be stylish over the years. It's sleek. It doesn't require a battery. All-around, I'm really happy with it.
Me: Is there anything you don't like about it?
Him: Just that I don't have enough stuff to wear with it all the time. I feel like I need to dress better when I put it on, but that just means I need a better wardrobe.
Me: That's it?
Him: ... and that I'll have to reset the time if I don't wear it for a while.
Me: What do you mean?
Him: It requires steady movement to keep the time. If it sits still for too long, the time stops. That's how it works without a battery.
Me: Mmmmm, fancy! So that's it?
Him: Yeah. It's a really nice watch.
And there's that nice compliment again. I'm telling you, it's his highest praise. We have a wedding to attend this weekend, and he looks forward to wearing it then as well. Until he upgrades his wardrobe, I guess it'll be a date night accessory, but he's made it clear it will ultimately be a go-to accessory.

J is wearing the Dover Series, Olive & Acacia, and I must admit, it does look nice on him! It's quite lightweight, and the quality of the wood is remarkable.


Now... on to the giveaway. It's SUPER simple to enter, and it doesn't require a social media post, follow, shoutout, or any other method that might spam your followers.

All you have to do is follow this link then enter your name, email, and watch selection. That's it!

It'd definitely make a good Father's Day, birthday, or anniversary gift for a special man in your life (or for yourself) and I'm not getting paid to say that so you know I really mean it. ;)

The giveaway will close on 04/02/2017 at 11:59pm, but you'll also get a $25 OFF promo code just for entering, because we all love a decent booby prize. CLOSED

Happy gifting!

Luxury Wooden Watch