I honestly wasn't going to post these pictures, because it they were taken on a gloomy, overcast evening, but then I remembered gloomy days need love too. So here we are, at Red Hare Brewery - not to be confused with Red Brick Brewery. This spot bares a similar name, but the brews boast completely different flavors. 

I won't weigh this post down with a whole bunch of words, since the same things happen when you visit any down south brewery: you sip some flavors, you take a tour through the back where the magic happens, you chill out front/back and watch/play cornhole, you leave feeling a little warm and fuzzy on the inside.

The best moment of our evening is pictured above. This guy dropped his glass, and it bounced. For a second it sounded like it wouldn't shatter, and the whole room fell silent. Seriously, all you heard was the background music because everyone turned around in suspense. Then the glass bounced again and completely shattered. All at once, everyone cheered. Cheered! I witnessed, first hand, the craft brew culture summed up in one moment. It was wonderful.

As for the best brews, my favorites were Whabbit Wheat, a pale ale infused with peaches and apricots, and Watership Brown, a brown ale mixed with caramel and chocolate. 

I must admit, I was never a big fan of beer until I started visiting local breweries. There's something about seeing how it's made and distributed that makes me appreciate the actual art of brewing. With the right flavors thrown in, beer can taste so smooth yet deliciously complex. 


1998 Delk Industrial Blvd SE
 Marietta, GA 30067