I've been visiting Amelia Island every summer since my senior year of high school. That's almost 10 full years of escaping to wickedly beautiful place. I know the Atlantic Ocean gets a lot of flack for being less than magical, and no, the waters aren't crystal clear like the Gulf of Mexico, but the beaches of Fernandina just do it for me in the best way. Maybe it's because I've had so many wonderful girls trips here; maybe because it's not as packed and crowded as more popular, touristy beaches in Florida, or maybe because after years of going it feels so comfortable and familiar. Whatever the reason, it's a place I look forward to visiting every year, and this year was no different. 

I've recapped my Amelia Island vacations from previous years on the blog already, so I wasn't sure about sharing more photos of the same beaches, yet again, but I was scrolling through my camera roll and having a "I post on this space for me" moment. So here they are, and instead of narrating the whole 5 days, I'll just make note of my favorite moments and keep it moving.
Early morning strolls along the beach are always my favorite. Most of the time I managed to get out there at sunrise, but I was in full vacation mode this year and slept in. 10am still counts as "early morning" when you're on vacation, right?

Raven came on a vacation too, but she's not a fan of the ocean. AT ALL. She didn't even want the water touching her paws.
 Where ya' going, Raven?
Wait... come back!
She loves walks but has absolutely no stamina. Eventually she decided to lay out, far from the tides.

The bulk of our days were spend lounging at the beach, walking on the beach, lounging at the beach house, watching redbox at the beach house, exploring downtown Fernandina, brunching, lunching, maxing and relaxing. Meredith and I both needed the mental break. She's in grad school, while working full time, and I had just gone through the home-buying process, while taking care of my mother, while starting a new job. Jesus be some R&R (He was).
29 South is a great brunch spot. If for no other reason, I'd go back for the mimosas.
Always and forever my favorite bookstore, right behind Little Shop of Stories in Downtown Decatur. Local ones like these have such charm.
Views from the pier and missed sunset cruise opportunities. *Note to self: always book ahead; these things sell out fast.
Shoutout to Bo & Helen.
 Our we-need-snacks destination.
A beachy 4th of July, 2016 sunset - just before the fireworks 

The best part about 4th of July on Amelia Island is the fireworks. They pop off in all different directions along the beachfront, and you almost never know where the next big boom will come from overhead. But the show lasts for about an hour, and when you think you've seen the Grand Finale, they keep going. All fireworks displays should follow that format! (I understand they can't, for obvious reasons, but still) I didn't take any pictures and opted to just fully enjoy the moment.

See ya next time, Amelia!