Picture it: Good Friday. I was volunteering at the annual Passion concert got invited to a late dinner afterwards. Me and a friend were sitting around chatting. Her pal Josh, whom I had never met, soon joined us. They started talking about dinner plans, and me being the die-hard foodie that I am had to know where they were going. Once I heard the words "Korean BBQ" my face must've lit up, because a couple minutes later Josh added me to the group chat with all the restaurant deets.

Iron Age, located in Duluth, Ga, is about 30 minutes northeast of downtown Atlanta (depending on the traffic). They're open until 2am on the weekends, and for $23 you can indulge in all their all-you-can-eat menu - $18 lunch specials M-F. Most of our party (17 people) arrived around 11pm, and I came about 30 minutes later, just as the food arrived. I got straight to business. *rubs hands together*

Of the meat selection, our section of the table tried the pork belly, soy beef steak, beef bulgogi, beef brisket, and spare ribs. My favorites were the steak and pork belly, but everything was worth ordering. Paired with a variety of sides like rice, salad, radishes, lettuce wraps, rice cakes, garlic, and sauces... my heart and belly were both full.

Iron Age has recently expanded and remodeled, so the interior is super spacious, but the tables and booths still have a cozy feel. According to the reviews, there's usually an hour+ wait, so heads up. There's lots of fun K-Pop music videos playing on tv screens in every corner to keep everyone thoroughly entertained.

I've had Breakers, another KBBQ spot in Duluth, on my Yelp bookmark list for a while, but I'm not sure it'll be able to top Iron Age. It set the bar very high, and I'll definitely be back.