I've been making more of an effort to be conscious about the things I buy, according to where and how the items were made. I don't want to pay for pieces that were molded and woven through forced labor, but this is America, and unless I have time to search for the "made in" label on every single item (I don't), it's tough to work around the ethics. This is partially why I haven't been buying much of anything lately! 

Bblackbox reached out shortly after that post, and I was embarrassingly giddy to discover their mission lines up with my new direction as a consumer: 

Our unified goal is to not only hand craft beautiful works, but to also give back to society. bblackbox gifts 10% of all profit to our partnered charity organization- love146 that works towards the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation, and living water international that provides clean drinking water via well-digging. 
Bblackbox supports humane working conditions by avoiding overseas production, where maintaining regulated working conditions for our sewers is challenging. bblackbox is also an environmentally friendly bunch. we limit our carbon footprint by donating and reusing surplus supplies. - source
Pretty dope, right? (I mean dope in the purest form of the word)

When my package arrived, the first thing I noticed was the quality. Their beeswax candles may look small, but trust me when I say they pack a very powerful punch. A couple minutes after I unscrewed the cap for these photos, the dog came wandering in, sniffing around to find the source of the new aroma in the bedroom. I haven't even lit this sucker yet. I just expose the wax for a couple hours and the scent lingers in the most beautiful way. I'm not sure if it's the type of wax or the quality of their fragrance oils, but I can definitely tell a difference between this one and the other candles I own. Yankee Candle doesn't hold a flame to this baby. Pun intended.

Bblackbox Montreal Beeswax Glass Jar Candle
Handpoured, and made in the USA

Their Francis Robe is made of 100% cotton, and it's about as soft and as plush as they come. It's warm and fuzzy on the inside, so it would've been perfect for winter. Now that we're approaching warmer days, I can see myself blasting the A/C in the middle of July, chilling in this robe (no pun intended this time) with the candle lit and a face mask on, reading a good book.

I think I'll start posting more of my favorite Made in the USA options as I stumble across them, and I'm honored that Bblackbox reached out with this opportunity to share their mission with my readers. If you browse around the site and see something you like, feel free to use the code "theACTIVESPIRIT16" for 15% off your total purchase!

Hashtag ethical winning.