This is photo of an upholstery shop. Never in my life did I think I'd find myself in an upholstery shop, but a few weeks ago, it happened. The zipper on one of my sofa cushions broke a few months back, and I tried my darndest to fix it myself, but I ended up in the upholstery shop instead.

I took the photo above because in that moment, I felt like a real adult, like the ones we picture in our heads when we're kids. I've been juggling bills, paying taxes, shouldering health insurance premiums, working jobs, making strides down a career path, building a marriage, establishing a credit history, and a whole slew of other adult things, but it wasn't until that moment in an upholstery shop that I stopped and thought "man, I'm a real adult now." Never in my younger days would I have spent money on fixing a sofa cushion. I would've left it broken and falling apart and covered it with a blanket or something. But now... I'm coughing over cash to make sure my couch stays looking nice. And I'm okay with that.

This thought led to a discussion with a few girlfriends, and we all shared the moment when we felt like a real adult:

When I bought my house
When I had a kid
When I was standing outside on my front porch, in my pajamas, yelling at some teenagers who were playing chicken up and down our street.
I have no ultimate conclusion for these thoughts, I just wanted to share. Anyone up else for sharing? Was there a special moment where you felt like a "real adult?"