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You can never really go wrong with a taco.

They're difficult to botch, and all you need is some bomb salsa verde to really set it off. That being said, I rode down the street to Taco T with extremely low expectations, and now it's the only place I'll ever want to visit for tacos. All the tortillas (corn and flour) are made fresh daily, in-house, and you can actually tell the difference. I'm a fan of crunchy tacos, and when you bite into these, the crunch is as loud as the flavor. AND, they're $1 per taco. Struggle meals are coming up in the world.

I stopped by this afternoon after my workout, because I guess I just felt like reversing the hard work I had just put in, and I dropped a hefty $3 on some supreme tacos. It's a sketchy looking place from the outside. The signs are run-down. The drive through menu needs a serious upgrade, and the speaker box is muffled, but that has no bearing on their tacos.

The inside seating area is small, but it's clean, and that's all that really matters in my book.

So that's Taco T. They don't have a website, but they do have stellar ratings on Yelp, Foursquare and Urbanspoon. Well deservd.