I was first introduced to the Nutribullet through my nanny family. I had seen the infomercials for the Magic Bullet on tv years ago, and I vaguely remember hearing about this new and improved version that was supposed to be better for whatever reason, but I didn't really grasp the reality of the situation until I was throwing together a snack for the kids and had to improvise with the Nutribullet and whatever random pieces of fruit I could find. A banana, a few fresh strawberries and a bag of frozen mangoes later I had the best-tasting homemade smoothie of my life. I was feeling quite proud of myself, so I went home and tried to re-create my masterpiece with my regular ol' counter-top blender, but it paled in comparison to the one made by the Nutribullet. Ever since then, that nifty little device has been on my wishlist. Especially after I tried my hand at some homemade acai bowls. My blender does not agree the thicker consistency I prefer, and I was always ending up with chunky bits of frozen fruit mixed into my finished product. No bueno.

Well, not anymore! Thanks to the tall, dark and fine fella' who delivered this this baby to my doorstep yesterday evening (gift-wrapped in my favorite color and everything), my first-world problem has been solved. No more chunky acai bowls! And wayyyy more smoothies with green stuff mixed in that's been pulverized to the point where I can hardly taste the bitterness. I feel some recipe posts stirring in my spirit.