This weekend was going to be spent on the beach, again, soaking up more sun and lounging in the sand. My friends needed to leave later on Friday than i expected, so I decided not to go and stay home lounging in my living room instead - with Brody.

He's (above) Meredith's little bundle of joy, and he really is like a little snuggly baby. He whines when he doesn't get attention, he prefers to be fed directly from someone's hand and always carves a spot near my butt whenever I'm relaxing. I'm guessing it's really warm 'round those parts. I loved every minute of it! He wouldn't even let me drive without sitting in my lap, and when I told him to hop over to the passenger side, he listened, but then a couple minutes later he inched his way right back atop my thighs and looked up at me with those puppy dog eyes (literally).

During one of our many walks, I stopped and smelled the roses, er... whatever they were, but they didn't even smell like anything. Which was actually kind of disappointing. Then I went inside and proceeded to sneeze my nose off. So, that was a fail.

I tried.