The title of this post sounds like I'm about to share too much information. I'm not.

Okay... maybe a little.

The thing is, I'm alone pretty often. I'm not an only child, but my siblings are so much older than me that I was basically the only kid growing up in the house. Lil' ol' me got the best of both worlds: I was the baby, being treated like the only child.
Lil' ol' me also got used to playing alone, because the bother closest to my age (12 years older), hardly ever wanted to be bothered with my childish games, and unless the other kids in the neighborhood were around to stir up some trouble outside, I was left to entertain myself.
Fast forward to adulthood, and I'm still accustomed to entertaining myself. Old habits truly do die hard. As much as I love spending time with friends and family, solo hibernation in my own private space with a good book or movie is enough to keep me satisfied. All the things I do when I'm alone aren't really weird, in my opinion, because I'm so used to doing them. But whatever. Here they are.

1. I hold my boob.
No naughty stuff, here. It just feels good.

2. I clean. Incessantly. 
I'm a naturally tidy person, so If I'm by myself, sitting on the sofa and see dust on the coffee table, it MUST get wiped down - then and there.

3. Headstands.
In yoga, they're called "inversions," and they help improve circulation and provide serious relaxation. After a busy day or if I'm feeling any bit of stress, I'll just get near a wall, pop up into a headstand, and hold the position for as long as I'm still comfortable. Sometimes it's 30 seconds, sometimes it's 3 minutes, but if someone were to walk in on me in a random headstand, they'd probably think I was weird.

4. Dance parties.
Usually in the dark. BY. MY. SELF.

5. Anything with my hair.
Okay, I admit this one my be weird, but I don't really like for people to see me fix my hair. There's no way to not look vain while doing my hair, and vanity is not a good look. So, I only do it when I have some privacy. If I'm on vacation with other people, I'll close the bathroom door.

And that's all! *Reminder to myself to never apologize for any of it because...