Yesterday, I saved my appetite, scooped up my friend Meredith and made my way to on over. Amazingness ensued.

After scouring our options, we decided to try Ibiza Bites. Because I really wanna visit Ibiza. And because the menu looked good. 

... And because Meredith saw the word "mojito."

This chick will be trying to duplicate that Mojito Lemonade in my kitchen, very soon.

I ordered the Lemon Parmesan Waffle Fries, but I guess they ran out of waffle fries because I ended up with regular stick fries.


They were deliciously cheesy and lemon-y, a combination I'd've written off anywhere else, but my mind is convinced they would've been better in the shape of little waffles. I don't care if waffle fries are made from the same potatoes as all the other frenchies, THEY JUST TASTE BETTER.

Next, we tried Yumbii, because it had the longest line of them all.

Rule of thumb: if there's an outrageously long line for a food joint, get in it. Last year, when I was in San Francisco, a restaurant in Chinatown had a line out the door and a block up the street; I still daydream about that meal to this day.

Spicy Chicken Taco? Don't mind if I do.

Mer got the fish taco, and it tempted me to go back and get one for myself. That darn line dissuaded me.

Beautifully satiated by the food, it was time for dessert. There was a cupcake truck sittin' pretty by the entrance, but when I saw this stand, I knew I'd be a fool to pass it up.

First off, the line for this baby was also pretty long, but since they fundraise with these popsicles at my church and everyone raves about em', I had to see what the hype was about.

Flavor: Cinnamon Toast Crunch. There were real cereal bits all throughout the pop, hosting a little party with my taste buds.

I'll probably be getting them on Sundays from now on.

Oh, and they had a band.

Food & music? C'mon... They created this whole shindig just for me.

I had been desperate to attend a food truck event ever since I saw them in What to Expect When You're Expecting. (yes, I watched the whole thing.) (yes, it was a lonely friday night with Netflix.) They pop up in random locations all over the city, but I guess I'm not cool enough or in-the-know enough to be informed of when and where they'll be. Really I've just been just too lazy to check the website. Now that I know what to expect (about food truck events, not pregnancy), I'll be on the lookout for more opportunities to get them goodies in my belly.

There's info on Smyrna Food Truck Tuesdays here.