Soutmob is currently offering a 50% off discount at a spot called Sarah Jean's Ice Cream in the Marietta Square.

That's all the motivation I needed to visit.

Like all the best local businesses out there, it was small, slightly cramped and full of personality.

My date opted for a cotton candy cone, topped with sprinkles - fit for a big kid.

I ordered a mini banana split, since they were offering an "any way you want it" special, and I loaded it up with salted caramel ice cream, chocolate almond fudge ice cream, sprinkles, nuts, caramel syrup, strawberry syrup, and chocolate syrup. 

Oh, and a couple cherries on top.

Normally I don't pile on the toppings, but I was feeling frisky.

It was the best banana split I've ever had, and I've had my share of banana splits.

I have this thing where I need to walk around after a good meal (for the sake of this post, dessert is a meal), like it's serious enough exercise to reverse the damage I've done. It feels nice and helps deflate my food baby, but sometimes it also puts a dent in my bank account, because I'm likely to walk right into a nearby retail shop.

... Or into a random Christmas store

Now it's nap time.