Earlier today, I came across this post about being alone.
Like many of the pieces I actually take the time to read, it got me thinking.
There's an obvious difference between being alone and being lonely, and frankly, the line separating one from the other is strikingly thick.
I can recall countless time where I've been alone but didn't feel lonely.
I'll take myself to a movie without a second thought, and I've been known to entertain a full conversation, IN MY HEAD, with myself during my lunch hour.
Just a couple weeks ago I flew solo to a concert, and even though it wasn't part of the original plan, I had a better time than I expected.

On the other hand, there are also moments where I feel naked, vulnerable and awkward making moves all by my lonesome.
Ever tried to walk somewhere, alone, with no phone to talk/text with and no ipod to listen to music on? Just you, your thoughts and the sounds of the world around you?
Honestly, it's weird.
But it shouldn't be.
Some people struggle so hard to find out who they are and to discover their purpose in life, and yeah, it can be a tough task to tackle.
But it shouldn't be.
Why is it always so easy to get to know other people but difficult to really understand ourselves? Maybe because we spend more time talking and listening to or reading about everyone else's lives.
Personally, I can say that my thoughts speak volumes about my personality. At any given time, my stream of consciousness is jumping from A to Z and all around everywhere in between, but it's those little trails, tangents, sidenotes and tidbits that remind me of my individuality.

That being said, as much as I actually enjoy spending time alone, the thought of sitting by myself at a restaurant for dinner or trying some new activity without at least one friend by my side still seems... out of the question, but I'm looking to change that.
So, one day soon I'll be ditching my cell phone and all forms of online communication for 24 hours.
God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll live to blog about it.

I take much pleasure in being alone, but there is also a strange, warm grace in not being alone. -Charles Bukowski