Passion Conferences specifically cater to college students, and fortunately, my undergrad college days are behind me. 

So what to do when you want to join the action but you don't fit the requirements? 

Very much in line with my character, I waited until the last minute to submit my door holder application, but thank God I was still accepted.

Our training took place on New Year's Eve, and it ran well into the night. No wild & crazy NYE stories for me! I was getting ready for Passion.

The next set of photos are pulled from the official Passion 2013 feed. Since I wasn't allowed to bring my DSLR inside the Georgia Dome, I had to snap pictures on my iPhone. Naturally, the quality just doesn't compare. 

Candlelight Vigil on Thursday Night 
EndIt Movement - Click here for details

As far as my role goes, I was part of the 268 Store. We handled retail for all the apparel, music, reading materials and video resources available to purchase during the conference.

Our Snazzy iPad registers

Once our stores closed for each session, our team had a chance to sit in on the talks. I snuck up to the very very top of the upper level section every day. Here are a few of my birds-eye snapshots.

Door holders who were working inside the dome took refuge from crowds in the Verizon Wireless Club, where many snacks were consumed and many naps were taken.

All in all, the entire experience was amazing. I made new friends, interacted with some wonderful students and snatched up some new music for my library.
I'll definitely be back next year! And the next, and the next, and the next...

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