So we went to Cuba.
I took literally hundreds of photos while we were there; I was that tourist. I was that enamored. This is part one of my photo journal.

The sky was overcast for our entire visit, thanks to lingering hurricanes over the Gulf and through the Atlantic. Fortunately for us, it didn't rain - just a few quick sprinkles here and there.

In these Old Havana streets

Classic car tours unlike any tour i've ever experienced

Colorful buildings and historic architecture on every corner.

Classic [American] cars galore.


  1. never been to cuba before but wow, this whole post is interesting. then again, traveling will always be interesting to me. i always heard of people rave about cuban coffee so even though i'm no longer a coffee drinker, taking a sip to see how it tastes like would be a cool chance too.

    1. I had never tried Cuban coffee until this trip, and I don't see how regular coffee will every fully satisfy me again. It was AMAZING!

  2. Beautiful I'm sure is an understatement! I'm in awe....

  3. And after seeing these photos, I miss Cuba all over again!


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