The Beaches of Fernandina

July 29, 2016 Amelia Island, FL

I've been visiting Amelia Island every summer since my senior year of high school. That's almost 10 full years of escaping to wickedly beautiful place. I know the Atlantic Ocean gets a lot of flack for being less than magical, and no, the waters aren't crystal clear like the Gulf of Mexico, but the beaches of Fernandina just do it for me in the best way. Maybe it's because I've had so many wonderful girls trips here; maybe because it's not as packed and crowded as more popular, touristy beaches in Florida, or maybe because after years of going it feels so comfortable and familiar. Whatever the reason, it's a place I look forward to visiting every year, and this year was no different. 

Red Hare Brewing

July 26, 2016 Marietta, GA, USA

I honestly wasn't going to post these pictures, because it they were taken on a gloomy, overcast evening, but then I remembered gloomy days need love too. So here we are, at Red Hare Brewery - not to be confused with Red Brick Brewery. This spot bares a similar name, but the brews boast completely different flavors. 

Goodbyes that come of your own choosing.

July 22, 2016

I went to see Emily King at the Loft in Midtown for my birthday a couple weeks ago. As always, I enjoyed her show. She's developed such a great stage presence over the years, and for anyone who hasn't heard of her, I thoroughly recommend checking out her original EP, East Side Story, on SoundCloud. One of the things she talked about in between songs was the idea of saying goodbye and what that means for her, and right there, mid-track, I caught myself thinking about how hard goodbyes really are for me.

Local Three

July 21, 2016 Atlanta, GA, USA

So there's this brunch spot. It's tucked away in a corner off Northside Drive in Northwest Atlanta, and unless you're looking for it, you wouldn't even know it's there. I've seen Local Three pop up on my Yelp recommendations and on an Atlanta Eats episode, but when a friend of a friend raved about how good it was, I knew I had to try it (word of mouth really is the best form of marketing).

Summer Reading List

July 13, 2016

I've been in a reading slump for a few months now. Between house hunting, moving, taking care of my mom, and getting settled into the new place, I've felt out of my bookish element. I've picked up and put down a few but have yet to stick through til the end of a book since the beginning of this year. As I type that out, I can't believe it's been 6+ months since I've had that satisfaction of reading that last word on the last page of a really good novel. 

Recently, I discovered Ameriie's Youtube channel. You remember Amerie (she's legally added another 'i' to the spelling of her name) of Why Don't We Fall in Love and One Thing? Well, not only does she sing, but she also writes fiction, and she has a whole Youtube channel dedicated to books. I've been binging her archives the past few days and am outrageously inspired to jump back into reading. Which is funny because as a kid/teen, I absolutely loathed the summer reading requirements. I remember having to read Girl with the Pearl Earring and sitting in my room allllll day just to get it over with and have the rest of my summer for "fun." Now the reading part is the fun part!

And so... I dusted off my library card and reserved four (4) books for immediate pickup, secured my spot on the wait list for two more books, and I also "checked out" some e-books. I'm not typically a fan of reading on a tablet, but there were a couple options on my Goodreads list (<-- follow me!) that were already checked out but available for immediate download through the eCatalog. So, I'm giving this whole ebook trend a whirl, and I definitely recommend checking to see if your local library offers ebooks. It's a great way to try before you buy, and it doesn't cost a dime.

Now, on to the actual summer reading list. *rubs hands together*

It's my birthday and I'll lounge if I want to

July 8, 2016

I sat down to write something here today, and I'm... stumped. There's a plethora of topics I'd like to write about: how saying goodbye is harder for some people more than others, how coming home can mean coming back to the things you once loved but drifted from, how I just want to sit in a corner and read for the duration of this weekend, how this post in response to the recent #blacklivesmatter happenings resonated with me, how it's my birthday and I have absolutely no plans and am satisfyingly okay with that, and the list goes on.

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