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Hozier has gotten lots of mainstream airplay, but he's considered an indie artist. I had heard Take Me to Church a few times on the radio before, but it wasn't until some contestants on that show The Sing-Off sang an a cappella rendition that my ears really perked up for his music. Here's a link to the video - skip to 1:00 and prepare to be impressed. I love how the smallest people seem to have the largest voices.

As for Hozier's album, it's a solid debut in my book. He wrote and produce all but one of the 17 tracks (on the deluxe version - the standard disc contains 13 tracks), and that's quite a feat for a 24-year-old.

The Beatles started the British Invasion on America's music scene, and the new wave is back. Between Hozier (by way of Ireland), Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and the countless other female Brits working their way into our airwaves, there's clearly some real talent across the pond.

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  1. Oooooh, I love finding new artists to listen to and I totally agree, the talent across the pond is something fierce! Will definitely give Hozier a listen to while I'm at work today :)

  2. The UK music scene is so incredible and I'm glad so many artist are emerging from there and making a name for themselves. Hozier's voice is amaze-balls and he's an equally credible lyricist and musician...and so young! ugh. heart strings.



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