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Puppy dog eyes.

This weekend was going to be spent on the beach, again, soaking up more sun and lounging in the sand. My friends needed to leave later on Friday than i expected, so I decided not to go and stay home lounging in my living room instead - with Brody.

He's (above) Meredith's little bundle of joy, and he really is like a little snuggly baby. He whines when he doesn't get attention, he prefers to be fed directly from someone's hand and always carves a spot near my butt whenever I'm relaxing. I'm guessing it's really warm 'round those parts. I loved every minute of it! He wouldn't even let me drive without sitting in my lap, and when I told him to hop over to the passenger side, he listened, but then a couple minutes later he inched his way right back atop my thighs and looked up at me with those puppy dog eyes (literally).

During one of our many walks, I stopped and smelled the roses, er... whatever they were, but they didn't even smell like anything. Which was actually kind of disappointing. Then I went inside and proceeded to sneeze my nose off. So, that was a fail.

I tried.


  1. Anonymous28 July, 2014

    LOL Your stories are so funny...and aww this little fella is too cute. My dog acts with a sense of entitlement like this; only problem is she is about 50 lbs of muscle and thinks she is this size. -_- ha!

    -Chymere A. //


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