I'd be a fool to turn down a $15 dollar concert, especially when the artist is as solid as Ms. Emily King. Last time she was in Atlanta, I paid a mere $25 dollars to see her and Emeli Sande at Variety Playhouse in Little Five Points, and I got more than my money's worth. I went alone and had a darn good time all by myself (see: gif). This time the concert was at Vinyl in Midtown, and I invited a couple of friends to join.

The lovely India Shawn opened the show. We went to high school together, so it was wonderful seeing how she's gone from the girl I sat next to during that one math class to a blossoming songstress. She sounded amazing! I guess I spent most of my time entranced by her vocals because I only got two photos of her set, and they're blurry, so I guess the moment will stay trapped in my mind (probably where it belongs).

Anthony David came out next, and even though I had never heard of him, I fully enjoyed every minute he was on stage. Then, finally, after all the waiting and anticipation, Emily came out and rocked the house. Vinyl is such a small, intimate space, so you could really feel all the love and appreciation for her music in the atmosphere. Next time i'll get there early enough for my short self to secure a spot up front.


  1. Twas a good night....and an update is coming soon....

  2. I missed it!!! :( Cool that you know the opening act...that's always fun. I need to pay more attention to information on some of the "underground" shows here, because I feel like I always know after the fact. Glad you had a chance to go though!

    1. It was sooooo good. I'll let you know on Twitter when I buy tickets for another one!


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