... and all through the neighborhood, not gift had been bought, but it was all good.

After a failed attempt at hanging a string of lights on my patio [only to find that one of the sets doesn't light up and the other isn't long enough to make any kind of festive impression], I started looking through old holiday pictures. Only, I couldn't find any. At least none from recent years. Except for this one, taken on the day of my college graduation a few years back.

I had finished all my undergraduate classes in the summertime and [reluctantly] walked the ceremony that December, even though I knew it'd be difficult for most people to plan their holiday schedule around my celebration. Still, I didn't want to regret not attending my own commencement. The temperature that day crept up to around 70 degrees, so I threw on that strapless number and tried to document the moment before rushing out the door. I was fittingly photobombed by my mother's Christmas tree, and seeing the photo made me realize I've never owned a Christmas tree in my adult life - not even a fake one. Not even a miniature 3-foot tall Christmas bush. I've got plenty of space for one, I have the time and means to decorate one, but for some reason I never do. Apparently there's a woman in Maryland who has her house decked out with 277 trees - 277 - and I can't even deck mine out with one. Families left and right are posing for holiday cards and filming over-the-top YouTube videos, and here I can't even find a more recent holiday photo.

The spirit of Christmas past has me feeling very nostalgic lately. I miss walking outside every day in December and having the Michigan snow cling to my calves as I walk down the steps of my porch. I miss countless presents under the tree. Some were fake & just for decoration, but even wrapping those with my mother while some soulful Christmas sounds played in the background was fun. I miss having family over on Christmas Eve, playing games and enjoying everyone's company. I miss going to nativity plays and holiday productions around the neighborhood. I miss the nauseating smell of eggnog in the air [how do people drink that crap?], and pretty much every scent that comes with this time of year.

I'm trying to bring some of this goodness back. I bought some "'Tis the Season" scented oils from Bath & BodyWorks to get the aromas flowing in my living space; I've watched Home Alone 1 & 2 multiple times already; I rode through Nashville's version of a "Winter Wonderland" while jammin' to a few country Christmas tunes, and I really did give those patio lights my best effort.

Can someone join with me in prayer for a few inches of snow?


  1. First off congrats on the graduation I know you are definitely happy that journey is over with and only to begin and start new ones. I can't wait till i graduate and right now I'm pondering on either should I finish up at the two year level or just go ahead transfer and make the home run all to together. decisions, decisions lol.

    About the snow part, ehh maybe some flurries but idk about the real stuff.

    1. Thank you! I should've mentioned that the photo is from a couple years ago, but it still feels like a great accomplishment, so I'd def recommend making the home run.

  2. awww...I always want the Christmas feeling in my space. It just doesn't feel like Christmas without the works! This year, my family bought a real tree and it's been so so long since the last time we had a living tree in the house! Putting up decorations we've had for years with Christmas music and some corny Hallmark movie playing in the background (simultaneously), it brought back so many wonderful memories. You were talking about Michigan...are you traveling home for the holidays??

    And congrats on the graduation girlly!

    Chymere Anais

  3. With the schizophrenic weather Georgia has, a White Christmas isn't too far fetched. I shall join you in prayer!


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