If you've described one festival, you've pretty much described them all.

28 December 2013

An uneventfully festive few days

26 December 2013

According to my server, it's pronounced "Fuh".

21 December 2013


'Twas the week before Christmas

18 December 2013


... and all through the neighborhood, not gift had been bought, but it was all good.

After a failed attempt at hanging a string of lights on my patio [only to find that one of the sets doesn't light up and the other isn't long enough to make any kind of festive impression], I started looking through old holiday pictures. Only, I couldn't find any. At least none from recent years. Except for this one, taken on the day of my college graduation a few years back.

I love my people. I really do.

10 December 2013

There have been so many beautiful Nelson Mandela posts floating around the web since his passing that I had trouble choosing just one to post here. So I decided to post three. I seriously thank God for the figures that have come before my generation and helped make all my opportunities a reality.

It was all a dream

02 December 2013


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