There is no natural deodorant out there that works as good as regular, aluminum deodorant. And to be honest, i'm not fully convinced that this collective push to natural deodorants isn't just an elaborate money-making scheme by the Greenwashing Corporate Executives of America™ to get us spending $15 per tube instead of $4 and some change. And if aluminum is so bad for breast tissue, why aren't the men's aisles full of natural alternatives as well? They have breast tissue, too. They can get breast cancer, too. But the Old Spice and Axe still reigns supreme for them, while we suffer through armpit detox sessions and charcoal ice rollers? 


I'm all for making the non-toxic switch when and where I can. Nothing gets my sink clean like baking soda and vinegar, and the Ecos detergent is a ride-or-die for me and my family's laundry needs. But me and my pits are turning a side eye to the Native Brands and Megababes out there. 🗣️ PASS ME THE ARM AND HAMMER.

I'll be taking this up with my derm when I see her next month.

Anyway, here are some randoms from my camera roll.

Gabriel is in a stacking, aligning, arranging phase, and I love it.

(let the record state that Arm & Hammer does make an aluminum-free deodorant that I actually works quite well for me, but it still leaves my pits feeling wet and it must be reapplied throughout the day when it's hot outside.)