Honestly, same.

Feels so good to go on lunch dates again.

Another day, another Cafe Comma visit.

I did a 30-day yoga challenge for the month of march and it reignited my passion for a nice, hot sweaty workout. The goal was to go to as many classes as possible, and I averaged about 3-4x per week - so not bad. My only issue with a regular yoga studio is the schedule. It's so difficult for me to find time to get to the classes when they're offered. 

I needed something more flexible and serendipitously stumbled across Hotworx toward the end of the month.

It's a 24-hour infared workout studio, and the class sizes are capped at 2 per person right now (3 pre-covid), which makes it more of a private workout for people like me who don't love the traditional gym experience. I can't even describe how good it feels to be more active again.

A colorized version of Vanilla Cafe.

The candle was $58, so I didn't buy it, but i've been going back to this picture since the day I snapped it, and feeling regret.

Last summer I couldn't get enough of arugula salads. This summer, I can already tell will be all about smoothie bowls loaded with crunchy toppings and almond butter.


Christian exploring the driveway at a recent open house. The housing market may be a mess, but that won't stop me from window shopping.

But these rising film prices will stop me from shooting so much.

Still Raven's favorite spot.

We had a BWP meetup at The Painted Duck, and it was a cute little outing.

And here comes the kid kontent. Saved the best for last.