This morning I thought to myself, I'd really like to update my blog... but I have nothing to share.

I'm not going anywhere these days but to target, various grocery stores, and back home again. I'm not doing anything but working, cleaning/decluttering the house, and trying (mostly failing) to keep up with a toddler. None of the above is postworthy! So I'm just going to type until my brain feels thoroughly dumped, 2013-style.

The comforts of home have been even more special to me this year. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve our space, make it more functional, make it look nicer, make it feel more like the family we're becoming. Things I never thought I'd care about buying make me so darn giddy. I bought a steam mop for the floors back in April, and I think it was the best investment I made all year. Were my floors even clean before the steam mop? I'm not sure. Now I'm on the hunt for a new air purifier for our bedroom, and I have researched so much my apps all suggest new models every time I unlock my phone. Pretty sure I'm going for this one.

Did I mention I've been decluttering?  Yes, I did, and it's been a journey. It started this past Saturday with our bedroom closet. My side was feeling stuffed, even though I don't hoard clothes. I still had lots of my summer wardrobe hanging up, so I decided to start pulling all the cold weather stuff. Only a handful of things even fit me right now, because yay pregnancy. Instead of being rational and telling myself they'd fit by this time next year, I just started tossing everything. Then I started tossing the warm weather clothes that no longer felt like "me." So now I basically have a capsule wardrobe, which I may regret. Never declutter your clothes while pregnant!

Anyway, after I was done with the closet, I had bags of stuff for donation and bags of trash. Since the bags were already piling up, I figured I may as well move on to the next closet (hallway storage), and the next closet (Gabriel's closet), and the next (linen closet)! Not a closet came out this week unscathed, but now I have plenty of bar shelves and less stuff I don't need. The whole house feels light.

If only it felt cleaner. J's been removing the popcorn ceiling texture from the kitchen and dining area, and the white residue has our floors covered, even after multiple passes with the steam mop. It'll probably take weeks to be properly cleaned, but at least that crusty ceiling is looking better. Now we (he) just have (has) to paint it. *Update from two days later: He painted it. It's patchy, but it's a lesson for me in embracing imperfection.

Other than all this, I bought The Sims 4 since it was on sale for $4.99. I read The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett. I grabbed three more books from the library which I have yet to start reading. I've been drinking lots of decaf gingerbread coffee. I finally made a small baby registry, and by made I mean I just used the same one we had for Gabriel and updated it with a few things.

So that's that. That's my nothing to share from the past few days. This Thanksgiving I'm looking forward to doing lots of nothing, watching Christmas movies, and keeping my feet elevated. People keep asking us about our Thanksgiving plans, and I'm just like... why would I have plans? in a pandemic? I'm staying home and doing nothing! why isn't everyone else?! 

If you made it this far, thanks for tuning into my stream of consciousness.