I just came here to update my blog, and blogger has gone and updated their entire user interface with no option for me to "revert" to the old interface, and now I am thrown.

I feel like somebody's parent trying to figure out technology... 

oh, wait.

I am somebody's parent trying to figure out technology!!

My last life lately post was back in March, before we realized this would be a year of reckoning.  It feels like not much has happened, but also, so much has happened. I've hardly touched my camera these past few months, so all i have are fuzzy screenshots and phone photos, but that's pretty much how 2020 feels, so it works.

We finally tidied the backyard and had fresh sod laid. It was one of my main goals this year, and I was determined to make it happen - despite the pandemic. It's now overrun with pine straw, but that's easy to rake up as needed, and the whole space looks much better than before.

I mentioned in my last post that my current lease is almost up, so we've been trying to figure out our next move. I go back and forth between wanting to lease again and wanting to buy something to have for the next 15+ years. At the end of the day, we'll probably just follow the numbers and choose whatever works best for our budget.

If I really had my way, I wouldn't need a car at all. They're such high maintenance purchases. If only Metro-Atlanta were more commuter friendly.

In other news, i'm knocked up again! Which is another reason we're analyzing details about next vehicle. It's gotta be big enough for our growing family, safe enough for my peace of mind, and have good enough gas mileage for all these future road trips i'm dreaming about.

I stopped breastfeeding in May and was very much looking forward to having my body be my own again. Then June came and I was looking for my period like... sis? Are you coming?

She didn't come. I haven't seen her since April, which means my due date is right around Valentine's Day.

Baby bean already has an active spirit like his/her mama. I'm constantly feeling little wiggles in there.

We've also been dealing with a pipe leak in the kitchen, and yes, that's as fun (and expensive) as it sounds. 

Last weekend I finally got out the house for something other than a grocery store visit. Ponce City Market is hosting outdoor plays this fall by RoleCall Theater.

Meredith and I went to see a socially distanced production of MidSummer Night's Dream. It was cute! And the weather was perfect. We chilled out on the lawn, ate snacks and enjoyed the perfect fall evening.

And that brings us to today. These past few months have really been about finding balance for me. It's hard working a full time job from home, while taking care of a toddler full time, while growing a human in your body. More than anything, I have been TIRED - mentally and physically. J has also been feeling burnt out as a first responder during this time, for obvious reasons. We're really just taking it day by day and still being as careful as possible since we both fall into the high-risk category (as does my mom, which means she's not able to help watch Gabriel as much during the day). His asthma and my pregnancy both qualify as "underlying conditions."

I'm honestly sick of looking at screens all the time. I've been taking more pictures on my film camera, so more updates to come once I finally get the rolls developed.

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