~ Where do I go to find more blogs by people who don't blog for a living? I need a Bloglovin' alternative that doesn't show me posts from the same popular 14 bloggers over and over again. One that's just for us non-full-time-influencers who are on a career path that doesn't include sponsored instagram posts and international travel every other weekend. For those of us who cherish vacation in a different way because there's a regular routine waiting for us when we get back home. Where are all my people at?

~ Blogger's comment notification system randomly stopped working a couple months ago, and I never knew. One day recently I was updating my layout and came across a whole bunch of comments I had missed. The problem is now fixed, but I still feel bad for responding weeks later. Sorry! If you're reading this it's not too late.

~ Speaking of blog layouts, it's so difficult to find simple/minimal blog designs these days. All the new templates out there are nicer and fancier than the actual content being posted on the blogs. They have all these special features and sections that are frankly just doing the most in my opinion. It used to be necessary to code a blog template if you wanted a fancier layout. Now? I had to code the template because I wanted a simpler one. :/

~ It's August, and as I mentioned in my last post, the interwebs are already talking about and impatiently anticipating fall. Which basically means the year is over. I've already started drafting my 2018 annual favorites post.

~ Back to my qualms with Blogger: I really wish it had a proper mobile app. I'd post much more often if that were an option. I don't always have access to a computer when the inspiration to write a post hits, but my phone is always within arms reach. Sadly, I don't see this happening any time soon. Blogger support has dwindled significantly over the years.

~ Along that train of thought, I've considered moving to a different platform for that very reason, but I don't feel like learning a whole new interface. I also like how all my google accounts are interconnected. It's like how Apple reels you into product loyalty. If I have an iMac, iPad and a Macbook, why switch to android for features the iPhone doesn't have? Also, it's the least expensive blogging platform, so there's that.

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