If I go out and have a life, but don't photograph it, do I really even have a life? I went to draft this post and realized how few pictures I took this month.

Where did my time go?

Why is my memory card empty?

Did I even do anything?

I caught up with my girls for dinner and blurry city views.

I helped stage, assemble and photograph a shoot for work. 

We're already prepping for Christmas content!

Raven has 100% healed from her tail amputation. It's like the whole thing never happened.

I spent a gorgeous Friday afternoon at the outlet mall and didn't make a single purchase.

I climbed Kennesaw Mountain for the first time in over a year. This hike and a power yoga class always act as a test of my fitness. Whenever I go back, I can tell how in shape (or out of shape) I've gotten. This time it wasn't too bad! I always choose the most challenging route, and I felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest by the time I reached the top - that last quarter mile is super steep. 

The animal life along the way is always a nice little bonus, and the view from the top, especially at dusk, is one of my favorites around town.

Things not pictured or blogged

~ One of my best friends just bought a new house (!!), and I helped paint the garage one weekend. My muscles were super sore the next day.

~ My new favorite coffee shop whipped me up a pumpkin spice cold brew and opened my eyes to the mediocrity of the Starbucks version. That being said, I am still not ready to embrace fall. I may be sipping a PSL, but I am still wearing white and embracing these last few days of summer.

~ I went back for a second scriptwriting class and am working to bring the instructor to my job for a half-day session. I'm loving this genre of writing, and it think it'd be a great creativity boost for my fellow writers.

~ I paid off my credit card from the plumbing repair charges from last month. #WontHeDoIt

~ I spent hours thrifting and only added a few new things to my wardrobe. They don't call it a treasure hunt for nothing.

~ My team at work went to El Felix Mexican Restaurant at the Battery, and it was so good I didn't think to pull out my camera for a picture. Hard tacos are difficult to master. There needs to be just enough crunch, and they have to be fresh and flavorful. El Felix got it right. 


~ Food/Drink: Homemade ginger peach sangria, homemade matcha lattes, Chicken Salad Chick (I've lost count how many times I've eaten there this month).

~ Clothes: The slipshort has changed my life. They're like biker shorts but thinner, and they're more inconspicuous under skirts and dresses so you can do all the walking around outside in the summer heat, without your thighs rubbing together and chaffing. Size down because they'll stretch out over the course of the day.

~ Places: Read Shop.