These kinds of posts aren't that popular anymore, but when read I these lists on Charlotte's blog (using google translate since it's written in Swedish), I got inspired. This is one of those posts I'll re-read years later and remember how I felt and where I was in life, and they also show how much about my personality has or hasn't changed over time.

And so, here are ten lists for today, September 15, 2017.

10 Favorites

Color: white
Food: tacos (is this even a proper blog post if i don't mention tacos at least once???)
Artist: Frida Khalo (visual, as seen in the first photo), Edgar Allen Poe (written [not a coincidence that my dog's name is Raven])
Film: none
Book: The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Sports: none
Season: autumn
Weekday: Sunday
Ice Cream: salted caramel
Time of day: Early morning

9 At The Moments

Mood: content
Taste: mint gum
Clothes: flowy skirt, fitted white top, cardigan
Background: grey
Nail Polish: none
Time: 7:02am (though this will probably be scheduled for later this afternoon, after i find/edit photos)
Environment: home office
Weather: sunny & mild

8 Firsts

Best friend: my mother
Screen name: dtowndiamond07 (my gawd, how embarrassing)
Pets: a rabbit, can't remember its name
Piercing: ears
Love: jamie, 2nd grade
Music : the disney pocahontas sound track (*crying laughing emoji*)
Car: a ruby red ford focus. her name was mustang sally.
Kiss: i don't kiss and tell. i am a lady.

7 Pasts

Laughter: last night at video messages from a few friends
Food: popcorn
Beverage: coffee
Drive: to/from the office
Movie: IT
Played song: Awaken My Love! on vinyl while cleaning the house
TV shows: the good wife

6 Have You Evers

Dated one of your best friends: no
Broken the law: yes
Been arrested: no, but i have ridden in the back of a cop car before 
Skinny dipped: no, but it's in the foot notes of my bucket list
Been on TV: no
Kissed anyone know you Do not know: no

5 No Thanks

Clothes: bras
Food: seafood, raisins, mushrooms, butterscotch
Music: trap
Beverage: sweet tea
Personality traits: lying

4 Things

You did last night: relax
You can hear right now: the sound of my typing
You can not live without: air
You do when you're sad: take extraordinarily long showers

3 People

You can tell everything: nobody. there will always be things some I keep only to myself, and I'm okay with that.
You like: i can't reduce this answer to three people
You do not like: i'm drawing a blank with this one. this whole section was a apparently throw-away.

2 Choices

Coffee or tea: depends on the season
Spring or autumn: autumn - i actually hate spring :/

1 Wish

For a vacation (soon come).

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