[It's my 5th time sharing a post like this, so I figured it was time for a proper graphic.]

My last Netflix Recommendation post was Christmas-themed. This one will fittingly be horror-themed, since we're now in the midst of 'Scream Fest' (that time of year when a bunch of horror movies are released in succession). So far we've seen the release of Annabelle: CreationIT, and Mother!, and Jeeper's Creepers 3, Jigsaw, and another installment of The Purge series will soon be coming down the pipe.

Scary movies aren't for everyone. I get it. Nobody in my inner circle willingly goes to see horror films with me - it always takes some coercion, and while I have absolutely no problem going to the movies solo, sometimes I prefer to experience the thrill with a friend.

I also have no problem experiencing the thrill in the comfort of my own home, which is where Netflix comes to the rescue. I've seen almost all the top movies in the horror section of the site, even some of those b-list titles that look kinda sketchy or are a low-budget dupe of a popular big-budget option. I'll watch those.

This is why I can confidently share the picks below, because I often click on the obscure title expecting very little, but sometimes... sometimes... they pleasantly surprise. Another thing about these? They're the least "scary" of the ones I've watched recently, so even if you're not a fan of the genre, you might still enjoy them. Maybe.

At your own risk.

It Follows (2014)
This tells the story of a girl who's being followed by a supernatural being after having sex with the guy she's dating. The whole plot is one big metaphor for the things that haunt us after being intimate with someone, and even though it wasn't scary in the traditional sense, it had a few good jump-scare moments.

Clown (2014)
Clowns are having a moment this season thanks to Stephen King's IT revival. If you're interested in a different take on the theme, definitely check this one out. It's about a guy who puts on an old clown suit for his son's birthday party and is then unable to take it off. Things get eerie from there.

XX (2017)
This is a series of four short films, completely unrelated to each other, that offer a different take on the horror genre. The first one, "The Box," was my absolute favorite, and the ending still has me wondering.

Would You Rather (2012)
I watched this one a few years back. It was only available on HBO at the time, but now that it's on Netflix it definitely gets a nod. A group of guests sit down for a dinner party, but the host twists the evening into a sinister game of "would you rather." It gets gory, and I cringed more times than I could count, but all the gore has a point and is part of the actual plot. I could.not.stop.watching.

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