I had the chance to volunteer at Paws Atlanta last week, and even though it was hot and uncomfortable and the mosquitoes feasted on my arms for lunch, I had thee best time hanging out with the pups.

Paws is one oldest and last remaining no-kill shelters in the state of Georgia. They get dogs and cats dropped at their front door every day, and no matter the cost, they provide food, shelter and veterinary care for every pet that comes through their door. 

My co-workers and I had a team building session here and did everything from staining and painting to washing windows, to building a fence and walking dogs.

The dog walks were (obviously) my favorite.

They have a whole heap of land behind their main building for the dogs to walk, play and just get a few moments of fresh air.

I must admit, I walked away thinking about adopting another fur baby, or at the very least fostering one. They have a weekend foster program that lets you take a pet home on Friday and bring it back on Monday, so I miiiight be giving it a try in the future - if Raven will allow it.

No Kill Philosophy

Our no-kill philosophy is very simple. It means that we give all of the animals in our care, the time, medical attention & behavioral training they need and deserve to thrive. Only terminally ill, where quality of life is suffering, or extremely aggressive animals who have been evaluated as such by independent, certified trainers will be euthanized. PAWS Atlanta never euthanizes a cat or dog due to space constraints.

Paws Atlanta
5287 Covington Highway
Decatur, GA 30035