Starting this post off with a gratuitous photo set of myself.

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This month was a hot one, literally. I feel like my sweat glands have been in overdrive the past few weeks, and the power bill even did a little jump. Our A/C has been working overtime, but I still wake up feeling hot and uncomfortable in the middle of the night. You'd've thought I was going through menopause! Suffice to say I am wholeheartedly looking forward to cooler temps. On the bright side (pun intended), I got a chance to see the solar eclipse and appreciate some afternoon rooftop views (pictured above). I also saw some gorgeous sunsets that same week.

In TV Land, I semi-binge-watched: The Defenders (Netflix), Sherlock (BBC) and Ballers (HBO). They all fulfilled different entertainment needs for me: with The Defenders, I got the gritty action I enjoy every now and then (although the storyline was mediocre at best, imo); with Sherlock, I was glued to the screen for hours at a time, while still keeping my brain active and guessing; with Ballers, I got to look at The Rock for 2.5 seasons. Of the three, I mostly highly recommend Sherlock all if you need a new show to let autoplay for a few hours... or days...

Also, I'm not one for the horoscope hype, but this little note was forwarded to me recently and it felt right on time.

It is not my job to control the outcome of how my work works in the world. I make it a practice to release my expectations of what my work should do so that I can enjoy what it does do. - Chani Nicholas

In other monthly news, I mastered my omelette-making skills, made a delicious batch of coconut flour pancakes (needed another use for that coconut flour I bought besides my favorite mini pizza recipe) and checked out a local meadery named Viking Alchemist. I had never tried mead before, but I am officially a convert. It's the perfect middle-of-the-road libation between beer and wine.

Also, Raven got an ear infection and kept me one night, flapping here ears repeatedly. I finally had to escort her out the bedroom and close the door so I could get some sleep. She's almost back to normal now, but it has been a pain in the paw to deal with.

So that was August.

ETA: September wallpapers here, here, and here.