Today marks the last day of Autumn, 2015. Back in October, I went to brunch with my friend Laura and made it my mission to do brunch more often this season. Since then, I've been to Another Broken Egg (did not blog - so in theory, it did not actually happen) (?), Waffle House (does this one really count?) Le Petit Marche, and lastly, Oy! on this past Saturday

I don't have overwhelmingly positive or negative things to say about this spot. It's tucked away in Vinings, a couple doors down from my old yoga studio, next to Marlows Tavern (another place I'd love to try for brunch). It's small, with very limited indoor seating, but the portions are huge, supposedly to encourage sharing... kinda like anti-tapas. Pictured above are the French Toast Casserole, and the Picasso Omelette. The omelette is a build-your-own entree, and even though I requested cheese, spinach, and bacon, it only came with cheese and spinach. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either.

The French Toast was more like a dessert than a breakfast dish. It's drizzled with caramel sauce, and I honestly couldn't taste the doughy goodness of toast that I love so much about french toast. It was more like a moist french cake, which hit the sweet spot when I reheated it later that afternoon, but for breakfast? Not so much.

All in all, the super high ratings on Yelp were deceiving for Oy!, but I will be back since they're offering 50% off through Scoutmob. Next time I might try the bacon pancakes, or their fry/hashbrown stacks, or maybe lunch items. And I'll make sure they actually put the bacon in my omelette.

I guess all foodie reviews can't be raving foodie reviews. Unfortunately.