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1. If I see one more "natural" makeup tutorial that uses 15+ makeup products, I'm... probably going to watch it anyway but continue to be irritated.

2. I've recently started exploring the world of YouTube, and by exploring I mean actually subscribing to channels, and I'm know I'm super late to this party, but it's a major time suck, so maybe that's why I never subscribed to any channels before.

3. Also, YouTube keeps forcing me to upgrade my account to Google Plus if I want to comment on a video. This means I have been unable to comment on any videos.
4.Trying to find new or smaller blogs on Bloglovin' is way more difficult than it should be. Why are all these pages with 100K+ followers the only ones showing up on my "You might like" sidebar? The popular kids get all the attention, but what about the film geeks in the back? Seriously, though. The film category on Bloglovin is a wasteland... I know there are more film/literature blogs out there. The truth is out there.

5. I ventured to my nearest Chipotle yesterday with so much hesitation. I had a deep craving for a chicken bowl with extra cilantro, and not even the threat of E. Coli from 1,000 miles away could stop me. Well, it almost stopped me. I thought long and hard about it as we were leaving church, and as I was taking my first few bites, I literally looked at J and said "it doesn't taste like E.Coli..." It's also worth mentioning that Chipotle was very empty. Those days of long lines wrapped around the dining area are long gone. It's also, also worth mentioning that, this morning, I googled "how long does e coli take to make you sick." (apparently I'm home free after a week)

6. I can't believe I just typed number five.

7. I have a thinkpiece brewing in my head on Adele's mainstream popularity and how it may or may not correlate to the color of her skin, but I can't seem to get all my ideas laid out in written form.

8. I spent almost an hour finding a good online listing for the lens I want for Christmas. Because if I left it up to J and said "i need a 50mm lens, and it has to fit a Nikon, and make sure the f-stop is 1.8, not 1.4, because the 1.4 is way too expensive for my needs right now, and make sure it's the 1.8G, not the 1.8D," I'd definitely end up with the wrong lens, and he'd definitely end up with a headache.

9. I've said this before, but it bears repeating. Online shopping is not fun for me. Handing over my money and having to wait 3-5 business days to actually get the stuff I've already paid for is not fun.

10. This post was thrown together and not pre-meditated, pre-scheduled, or pre-drafted in anyway. In case you couldn't tell.