When I started hot yoga, in 2008, it wasn't really a thing yet. The classes were always moderately full, but every time I told someone about my new favorite hobby, they looked at me funny. What? How hot is the room? Wow. And you enjoy it? Yes. I enjoyed every 98 degree minute. I couldn't get enough! I'd go as often as my hectic work and school schedule would allow, and somehow I managed a consistent practice for years. Eventually I picked up other active hobbies (5K running, bike riding, etc.) and fell back a bit, but lately I've been going 3-4 times a week again.

Now, however, hot yoga is a thing. Over the years, I've dragged multiple friends to the studio with me (male and female), and I even convince my mom to try a hot pilates class last month. She suffered through the heat and walked out saying it wasn't so bad.

There's no real moral to this story or thesis to this post. It's just that I've been practicing yoga for so long I felt it deserved some sort of official recognition in this space. Be Yoga studio is situated in one of my favorite local spots: The Marietta Square. Their membership rates are reasonable, there's a bangin' smoothie shop inside, and the instructors are all so warm and welcoming.