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"I’ve been looking at some places to move on Zillow, and i’m shocked at how reasonable the rates are for buying a house these days. The price of a monthly mortgage payment would be cheaper than paying rent in some instances, and I’d get wayyyy more space. But I really don’t want to move forward buying a house alone, because what about stuff like plumbing and yardwork, etc… I’d need a man around permanently for stuff like that. 
I think they call them 'husbands.'"
I have a personal journal that I've recently started updating again. I used to write everyday, but then my father passed, and I lost one of my closest friends to a car accident, and I was feeling stalled in my career, so I unintentionally fell back. Lately I've been doing more regular writing again, so I went back and read a few posts from my single days and came across the little gem above. It made me laugh out loud, so I decided to do a little written Flashback Friday here.

I used to have multiple diaries in elementary school, and it's so much fun to go back and read all the K-12 drama, before life got all serious, before taxes and rent payments and stuff. Now I just keep a private tumblr account for the times I feel like spewing a bit of random word vomit. It's convenient because I can just pull out my phone anywhere and start documenting my thoughts, but every time there's news of a major internet hack, I wonder what would happen if Tumblr was targeted and all the private accounts were publicized. Then my minuscule first-world problems would be on display for anyone who wants to see. So maybe I should go back to an old-fashion, well-bound notebook. 

Does anyone else still keep a journal somewhere?