You know how when you don't do something you're happy doing for a while, and you start feeling "stopped up"? Well, for lack of better words, I'm feeling stopped up, creatively. It happens every now and then, and when it does, I open a blank text post and just write whatever comes out. Garbage and all. It's usually jumbled and lacking in structure, so it never gets posted publicly. However, it helps.
I definitely helped yesterday, and afterwards I was going through my phone and came across the photo above from last month. The pups belong to a family whose kids I watched over the holidays, and yes, they are full grown dogs, but they're just as loving and playful as puppies. It's difficult to be in a bad mood when they shower me with all their furry affection, and for that I am thankful. Very thankful.
Other things that I am thankful for as of late:
  • Being able to switch from Sprint to AT&T and finally getting better cellular service. No more dropped calls! Next time there's a big event with lots of people around, maybe this time i'll be able to call and meet up with my friends if we lose each other. No more repeats of last St. Patrick's Day in Savannah.
  • The dinner date I had with my dear Laura last week at La Parilla. 
  • The sweetest video sent by my dear Tiff that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
  • Good friends in general (as noted in the last two points above)
  • The fact that all my bills are paid, and even when times get tough, I've never had to worry about how I'll pay my rent, or wonder if my lights will get cut off. (God is good)