Happy 2015!

I felt the need to write about New Years' Resolutions. I touched on this topic in my last post, but it seems like either people love them or they hate them. I think I used to be one of those people drinking the resolutions haterade, and pushed the idea that we shouldn't wait for a new year to make certain changes. Deep down, though, there were always certain tweaks I was planning to make once I settled back into my regular routine, and really, that's part of the reason most people put off their resolutions until the New Year. 

The days between Thanksgiving and January 1st are full of activities and events that disrupt our regular schedule. Between holiday parties, Christmas productions, gift shopping and extra family time, it can be difficult to start any real changes. Everything's already out of whack. It's hard to start a new workout routine the week before Christmas when you're playing your day-to-day schedule by ear, and healthy healthier eating habits? Please. Has anyone ever tried sweet potato pie? Cobbler? Fresh, buttery biscuits for breakfast? Confession: I bought and devoured (with help) two Marie Calendar Dutch Apple Pies within one week recently. The second time I added ice cream on the side. Why? Not because I'm an apple pie fanatic, but because they were sitting out and calling my name every single time I walked into the grocery store - even if I was just going to buy some almond milk (this really happened one time). Such the nature of the holiday season. It's the season of indulgence, and not just with food. Black Friday is a day of indulgent spending. Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are both days of indulgent generosity; various homeless shelters turn away volunteers on those days because they have too many! Any other time of the year, however, these same shelters need all the help they can get, because those same people that came to help over the holidays have returned to their regularly scheduled programming. 

The best way to make a change and stick with it is to make it a habit, and it's difficult to form a habit without some sort of routine, and most people's routines don't start until the beginning of the New Year, and so the thesis of this long and drawn out essay is that New Year's Resolutions make sense. Because I have just scientifically proven it in the paragraph above.

Now onto the main reason for this post... here are some of the changes I plan to make in 2015.

1. No more tweezing my brows. At least for a few months. Up until a couple years ago, I got my eyebrows threaded every two weeks or so. There was a lady in my area who did a magical job for only $6. Eventually I got tired of paying someone for a service I could do myself, at home. Since then I've been grooming my own brows, but they've gotten a little sparse in some areas. They're not super thin or skinny, so thankfully it's not like I'm starting from scratch, but I kinda miss the full & bushy mini caterpillars I used to have in high school. I tried breaking up with my tweezers a few months back, but my fingers kept itching to pull them out and clean up those stray hairs. So today, I threw my tweezers in the garbage, and I won't by a new pair until April-May. When I do buy that new pair, I plan to splurge on some Tweezerman. While they're growing wild, hopefully these NYX pencils will help keep them tame and decent looking. Any ladies out there every tried them? Tips? If all goes according to plan, I'll post some before and after pictures once summer starts.

2. Drink more water. I actually made a decision to do this one over the summer, and I stuck with it for a while, but I got tired of running to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so. Having to pee all the time is a super annoying feeling, but I hear that feeling goes away as your body adjusts to having more water in its system on a regular basis, so I'll try to stick it out for real, for real this year.

3. More love posts in this space. I love me some love. And I love writing about it. I have so much fun gathering different perspectives on different love-related subjects and exploring it in writing, but it's more time consuming than I usually plan for, so it's been put on the back-burner lately. I have a few posts in my drafts section, just sitting there waiting for me (especially that post about the friendzone). It's time to dust those off and get back in my love groove.

5. Master my writing tablet and use it regularly. I picked up a Writing Pad for a good price a while ago, but it takes some getting used to. I definitely don't want it to be one of those things I buy and let sit around, so it's high time I figure out this Sketchbook software.

And that's all folks. At least, these are the ones I'm willing to share publicly at this moment. But there really aren't many more than this. If you wrote a post about your New Year's Resolutions, put your link in the comments! I'll hold you accountable once December 2015 hits ;).