I mentioned in a few posts back how excited I was about Shake Shack coming to Atlanta. When I was in NYC a few years ago, I didn't know it existed, so I missed out on giving it a try. Since then, Shake Shack has popped up in various other states, but only on the East Coast (take that, In-N-Out), including the good ol' sunshine state right below me. I've traveled for food before, but a trip to Florida just for a burger spot was not in the books, so I sat waiting patiently and hopelessly...

God clearly heard my foodie cries and His spirit clearly moved withing their business development team to bring the franchise to Atlanta. It's right in the heart of Buckhead, across from where the old Cheesecake Factory (I had no idea that even closed - apparently it moved to Lenox Square??) and ESPN Zone used to be. I've only been twice since it opened in October, but yesterday's visit was met with a nice little line out the door and up the street. As illustrated in the photos above, I waited in said line, and it was well worth it.

In terms of price, serving styles and customer service, it's very similar to Grindhouse Killer Burgers.

Next up on my burger-spots-to-try list:
  • Bocado
  • Holeman & Finch
  • General Muir